Teaching Philosophy

The training of the singing voice is not a mystery shrouded in secrecy; it has been taking place for centuries. In addition, there is a large body of historical information regarding the teaching of singing that has also been validated by contemporary voice science as being effective for the development of the singing voice and for vocal health and longevity. 


Singing styles come and go. Some are healthy and some are extremely destructive to the vocal mechanism. It is important that the singer learn to phonate in a healthy, expressive way so that the laryngeal mechanism is not harmed. Singing with a damaged larynx is never fun!


A vocal teaching philosophy based on historical methods which have been confirmed by contemporary voice science insures that the singer makes progress and becomes an elite singing artist.


This approach is applicable to any style of singing whether musical theatre, rock, pop, jazz, gospel, contemporary Christian, country, blues, etc. It assures the singer that his/her voice is truly free, healthy, and expressive.


And, most of all, singing will be fun.