"I've been able to find work and am currently playing Macbeth in a short production with the American Globe Theatre. It's mostly for high schools, but it's only a couple of months and looks great on the resume. But, I really wanted to let you know that I just booked a national tour of The Fantasticks. I'm playing El Gallo. It goes out next year and I'm really excited about it. I just wanted to send you a thank you for all your instruction and advice through the years. This is a dream role of mine, and I know voice lessons with you helped me book it."



"Using traditional methods of vocal pedagogy with emphasis on expression, the breath, and a relaxed larynx, Dr. Antolik was able to soften my hard pressed voice into a lighter and warmer tone that was more flexible in range, dynamic, and musicality.  In two short years, I was well-prepared for college auditions, gaining acceptance to prestigious schools of music like Loyola New Orleans, The University of Oklahoma, and the University of North Texas.  Dr. Antolik is persistent in challenging his students to think professionally--a quality of his that I've found invaluable to my pursuit of a career in the performing arts.  Voice coaches that I work with currently sing his praises, exclaiming, "You've been with someone who knows what they're doing!"  Singing should be fun, and Dr. Antolik is devoted to sharing his passion of singing with his students so that each lesson is more than a lesson--it's a healing process."



"Whenever I'm asked who taught me to sing I always reply, "George Antolik."  I've had many voice and singing teachers over the years in undergraduate and graduate school, but my foundation was built in George's studio.  In my first lesson with George, I found myself singing notes I had never dreamed I could sing.  George gets to know the voice and personal tendencies of each student in order to serve them in a specific way.  He has a unique understanding of the voice and each lesson allows the student to deepen his or her knowledge of the art and skill of singing.  George has a wide and varied experience which allows him to relate to his students on the level of a performer.  Learning from George not only improved my singing, but the lessons I learned from him have translated into my acting, whether it be musical theatre or Shakespeare.  Not only is George a brilliant singing teacher, but he goes out of his way to help his students understand style, intention, and performance energy.  I now teach voice and singing as well, and find myself continually going back to the basics I learned with George.  Whether it's in my work as a teacher, performer, or musical director, I have found my time with George to be absolutely invaluable.  Whenever I'm asked who I'd recommend as a singing teacher, the answer is always, "George Antolik.""



"Can you imagine the thrill in discovering your vocal range extends farther than you thought possible? That’s just one of the discoveries I made with George! Each lesson taught me something new about my voice, and I witnessed changes I didn’t expect. He has a way of gently taking you out of your comfort zone to improve your technique and bring your voice to new places. My time with him has strengthened my voice and my confidence. Not to mention, he has a fantastic sense of humor that makes him fun to be around! His techniques are supporting me from Los Angeles to New York, and beyond (at a fraction of the cost the larger cities demand). I always make a point to set up a lesson when I’m home in Arkansas."